Watching James Bond 007 – Quantum of Solace


I watched James Bond 007 Quantum of Solace last night. I went to the cinema with 13 KMK friends. Even though I’m not satisfied with the movie like I was with Iron Man, I learned a few things from this movie.

Camille - Bond - Agent Fields

Camille - Bond - Agent Fields

(One) The film shows me that having sex –for some (or most?) people–does not necessarily have to be with your love one. You can do it with anyone, as long as it’s mutual. Although Bond loves Vesper, he takes pleasure being with Fields – the red hair who looks like Cinta Laura.

(Two) The film portrays the poor in Bolivia who suffer due to the lack of water. The movie maker wants to remind us about the existence of influential people who easily get what they want. This is illustrated by a character named Dominic Greene who forces a Bolivian General to sign a contract that makes Greene the legitimate owner of 60% of water in Bolivia. People like Greene don’t care about the suffered residents. Instead they want to take advantage from the situation. We have to be concerned about this kind of tragic reality. People like Dominic Greene exist in the real world, and maybe some of them even occupy government posts in your country. Perhaps, they are the number x richest people in the world. Their images are shown to be generous, but behind closed doors they are cruel and cold-blooded. Hello, anybody feels being pointed the finger at?

Dominic Greene

Dominic Greene

(Three) My eyes are ‘opened’ seeing that government sometimes can’t deal with many issues when it comes to the rich-and-influential-yet-immoral people. It’s like that you have to choose between agreeing that bad things will happen, or refusing them to happen with the consequences that you and your family will be killed and that these things will prevail even after your death. This dilemma most likely will lead us to the first choice.

Actually, I didn’t really like the movie but I enjoyed the rare occasion being with my friends. But I have to thank the film producer who slipped in the implicit messages. It signifies that this world still needs a lot of heroes. We are still waiting for the death of evil in our world. So, who’s gonna be the hero? You? Or me……..? Maybe us Do the best to our world, buddy.

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  1. about the movie, this bond movie sucks…

    Bond with license to bore!

    and i agree with your opinion number 1 and 2… maybe you need to read ,a href=”’s-gonna-pay-for-your-crashed-car/”>this.

  2. bingung mau komen apaan…habis postingny pake english, panjang lg..

    wkt hbs nonton ini, kok ak ngerasa gak gitu puas yah? eh tnyt bener byk yg bilang klo 007 kali ini gak gitu memuaskan.

  3. Kayaknya selama ini film2nya bond, ga keren2 amat deh, cuma klo dari pemainnya sih.. oke lah… (terutama sean connery & pierce brosnan! so handsome…! :p)
    klo mau dibandingin, ‘quantum of solace’… masih kalah bagus daripada Laskar Pelangi! :))
    Hidup Laskar Pelangi.. ! Hidup Indonesia !

  4. According to your explanation about the newest 007 movie,I guess you had gotten a negative impression from that and it has made me more and more eager to watch that cinema.

  5. According to major opinion, QOS was one of the worst Bond’s series ever. But for me, Bond showed the different side of M16 agent. Usually Bond helped by Q’s advance technology like luxury car with ballistic weapon, cellular phone with fingerprint detector, or pen completed by bomb, and also he doesn’t care even his martini shaked with lemon slice or not. But in QOS, Bond fight with his own hand, no technology, no luxury car or motorcycle (I noted that he only used one stolen jeep car and also stolen motorcycle, Bond stealing!) and no combat airplane, just calssic airplane (I think it’s a serial of Douglas plane, very old school!).

    So, the real agent shouldn’t be depend with technology, but he must show his strength. I also noted that Bond practice CQC (Close Quarter Combat) with his enemy while in one of the Bolivia Hotel.

    So James Bond in QOS is same with Jason Bourne in Borne series, only use stolen vehicle and fight with CQC. For me, this was the crudest Bond movie but still one-thumb up for QOS.

    and my last impression…Olga Kurylenko is cute =)

  6. action di awal doank yang bagus…habis itu sangat membosankan, gak mutu critanya..mendigan wanted ato max payne..selain itu hape ku di 21 blom M plaza pas nonton ini dicuri orang lagi..sial sial.huks huks…

  7. Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace kan emang 2 dari Trilogi yang mengisahkan James Bond ketika pertama kali masuk ke MI6 hingga jadi 007 yang kita kenal. Ini juga film remake character, yang mana sosok James Bond disesuaikan dengan agen rahasia jaman sekarang (pake teknologi canggih, tapi nggak terlalu khayal kaya film2 sebelumnya, soalnya agen rahasia yang beneran emang gak bakal punya rudal di mobilnya).
    Kalau anda mengamati, musuh utama Bond di trilogi double O (judul2 dari film ini ada double O nya), masih hidup sampe QOS. Yup, dia adalah Mr.White (di akhir film Casino Royale, dia ditembak kakinya pake MP5. Di QOS, dia ditawan di awal film, kemudian di adegan Toscha, dia duduk di sebelah wanita yang berkata “tidak semua orang suka Toscha”. Artinya, Mr.White masih hidup dan jelas akan muncul di sekuel film double O selanjutnya).
    Kalau kita amati juga, film double O pertama (casinO ROyale), Bond digambarkan sebagai mantan agen SAS yang baru masuk MI6. Di quantum Of SOlace, Bond sudah menemukan minuman favorit dan mobil favoritnya. Bond di akhir film juga sudah mulai digambarkan flamboyan dan tidak brangasan. Kemungkinan, di film double O ketiga, Bond sudah menjadi Bond yang kita kenal.
    Soal peralatan canggih, kalau anda mengamati CasinO ROyale dan Quantum Of SOlace, anda pasti menemukan banyak peralatan canggih yang masuk akal (alat medis di dashboard Aston martin, Handphone canggih, dan layar sentuh di meja MI6). Percayalah, agen rahasia di dunia nyata tidak butuh mobil yang dilengkapi rudal atau jam tangan dengan fitur laser.

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